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About Us

In a time where the internet is surpassing the classic industrial traffic new ways are created to promote trade. Yet, how is social effort to be rewarded online? And, more importantly, how do we motivate help for those in need when neighbours now are on another continent and biological social forces inherent to us humans become useless as opposed to situations where physical closeness propels our genetically stirred motivation? Knowledge Coin™ has been created to fuel the social dynamics where our physical nearness has become less. Knowledge Coin™ is located in Amsterdam the Netherlands and Indore India. Our developers are strongly motivated to nozzle global knowledge to those who need it most and are determined to find honest and practical ways to support this in our new era.

What is Knowledge Coin?

Knowledge Coin™ has been created to stimulate social dynamics on participating sites by providing the means to rate positive cognitive efforts made in an online social setting. The value of one Knowledge Coin corresponds to the evaluation of a simple yes- or no- answer in a one sentence question. The more elaborate or complicated a question, the higher an answer may be valued in terms of Knowledge Coins. Sites wishing to reward users for sharing their knowledge can implement this reward system by integrating an API (see help for websites developers).

Wallet use

Credited Knowledge Coins are kept in KC-Wallets owned by a user or a group of users. Coins in your Wallet are yours and to be used anywhere where they are accepted. The objective is to try and earn as many as possible by helping others with your knowledge. The contents of all KC-Wallets are visible to anyone on the site to increase the safety of Knowledge Coins. Note that coins cannot be incorrectly appropriated or duplicated and Wallets remain one’s property. Create your Wallet here here and by doing so, you will have earned your first ten Knowledge Coins!